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MPLS Bulk Mail Center

Welcome to the MPLS / St. Paul BMC.

This is the Bulk Mail Center, the Pride and Joy of the MPLS. Area Local APWU or at least one of the local's favorite facilities.

The APWU at the Bulk Mail Center has a strong history of Union involvement. We are a small but vocal part of our local. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, the APWU at the BMC represents approximately 350 employees. Membership is always in the 90+ percentile, among the highest of all of the BMC's. We have and represent members in the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle crafts. Within those crafts are at least 8 different occupational groups.

Minneapolis is a Small to Medium size BMC. Of the 21 BMC's in the country, our BMC was the third to be built. It opened in 1975.

How to reach us: By the good old US MAIL,
MPLS/St. Paul Bulk Mail Center
3165 South Lexington Ave.
Eagan, MN. 55121.

Note: If you have questions about Bulk Mailings, please call 651-681-2241, or 651-681-2131

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