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Welcome Sisters and Brothers to the Minneapolis Area Local's web site and the Clerk Craft Page! This page and the web site itself are new so we will appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have that will help us to improve our web site and the Clerk Craft page.

Currently we have over 1,100 Clerk Craft employees in the Minneapolis Installation, it is our goal to ensure that every Clerk represented by the Minneapolis Area Local has the best working conditions possible. We have had great success in the past in many areas such as staffing where Minneapolis was the recipient of the largest monetary settlement ever of over four (4) million dollars due to improper staffing at the Twin Cities Metro Hub (TCMH), however, we can not afford to rest on past achievements as the work scene changes on a daily basis.

Automation will continue to occupy much of our time into the future, as the Postal Service is intent on automating the work force. Many jobs as we have known them in the past will be phased out of existence and replaced by new jobs associated with the automated equipment. We will do everything in our power to make sure the transition and impact poses the least amount of inconvenience and disruption as possible.

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