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The Maintenance Craft Officers are;

  • Maintenance Director; Dave Gangl
  • Assistant Director, Maintenance; Steven Murphy.
  • Assistant Director, Maintenance; Alanna Diaz.

The Local's office is located on 1234 4th Street in Minneapolis. We proudly hosted the 1997 National APWU Maintenance Craft Conference, and the National APWU Convention will be hosted by the Minneapolis Area Local in 2002.

This page and the web site itself are new, so we will appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have that will help us to improve our web site and the Maintenance Craft page. You can send your comments to the Maintenance Director by clicking here.

It is the goal of your Maintenance Craft Officers to ensure that every Maintenance Craft employee represented by the Minneapolis Area Local has the best working conditions possible. We have had great success in the grievance procedure in many areas such as staffing.  Minneapolis was the recipient of two (2) large monetary settlements of $ 275,000.00 and $ 479,400.00 due to improper staffing at the Minneapolis Installation. Your Maintenance Craft Officers vow not to rest on past achievements as the work scene changes on a daily basis and to continue to strive for top notch future achievements and the enforcement of your contractual rights.

Staffing and Automation will continue to occupy much of our time into the future, as the Postal Service is intent on automating the work force. Many pieces of equipment as we have known them in the past will be phased out of existence and replaced by new equipment. The equipment and training will change and offer new challenges to Maintenance Craft employees. We will do everything in our power to make sure the Maintenance Craft is properly and fully staffed.

Thank you for visiting the Maintenance Craft page of the Minneapolis Area Local APWU.

-Dave Gangl,
Maintenance Craft Director.-

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