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Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 2 & Stations

Your Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 2 & Stations is Donna Thompson.

My name is Donna Thompson; Iíve worked for the Postal Service for about 17 years, both as a career and a non-career employee.

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.† Growing up there I learned to appreciate what a Union can do for you and yours.† Iím a proud UAW kid.

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Social Work and Child Psychology, and both come in handy while dealing with management.† I have two young children who fill my life with joy and keep me pretty busy.

I joined the Union first as a Transitional employee in 1992.† Later, after feeling a bit helpless as an employee dealing with impossible management, I asked to go to Stewardís Training.† I became a Steward in 2004 and now Iím the newly elected Assistant Director for Tour 2.

I appreciate the confidence the members have entrusted in me.† I will do everything possible to assure that our APWU brothers and sisters can count on me to do a good job.† Thank You!


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