Officers & Staff

Administrative Staff
Sheila Niemczycki – Administrative Assistant

Local Officers * Denotes Executive Board Member

Jerry Sirois - President *

Peggy Whitney - Business Agent *

Mark Pietsch - Executive Vice President *

Gary Earl Lofgren – Treasurer *

Dave Eide - Recording Secretary *

Kathy Kimball Walker - Sergeant-At-Arms *

Tim Kramasz - Chief Trustee *

Roy DeGidio - Clerk Craft Trustee

Tom Blake - Maintenance Craft Trustee

Greg Teigland - SCF Coordinator *

Jim Miller - BMC Coordinator *

Jim Henry – Assistant BMC Coordinator

Kevin Meyer - Motor Vehicle Craft Director *

Todd Radke - Assistant Director, Vehicle Operations

Joe Sorman - Assistant Director, Vehicle Maintenance

Dave Gangl - Maintenance Craft Director *

Steven Murphy - Assistant Director, Maintenance

Alanna Diaz - Assistant Director, Maintenance

Brad Sandberg – Clerk Craft Director *

Abe Abram – Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 1

Liz Culver - Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 1

Donna Thompson - Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 2 & Stations

William C. Kelley - Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 2 & Stations

Melody (Mel) Thompson - Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 3

John Moline - Assistant Clerk Craft Director, Tour 3

Bob Arleth - Veteran's Affairs Coordinator

Bill Usher - Chair of the Legislative Committee

Cathy Hanson - Editor, Northern Light

Chad Boughton - Assistant Editor, Northern Light

Roy DeGidio - Webmaster

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