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Your Executive Vice President is Mark Pietsch.

Hello, my name is Mark Pietsch and I currently serve as Executive Vice President of the Minneapolis Area Local. I have been a union member since my employment at the Mpls Post Office in July of 1980. Hired as a LSM PTF, I made regular after twenty eight months and stayed on the LSM's until 1988. During this same time period I was one of the first clerks to take advantage of the new inter-level bidding agreement by bidding into letter automation. I currently hold a Mail Processor bid in the flat sorter section on Tour 2.

I became actively involved in our union when I was appointed an alternate steward in June 1994. In September of that year I was appointed Steward of automation on Tour 2 with the additional areas of Twin City Metro Hub, and alternate steward at all Stations and Branches added to my certification. In February of 1996, I was certified in all areas of Tour 2 and as a step 2 designee. In April of 1997, the Tour 2 Vice President at the time, Libby Greenway resigned, At the May General Membership Meeting, I was elected Tour 2 Vice President, Clerk Craft. I was reelected Tour 2 Vice President in the 1998 General Election where I served until the 2001 General Election when I was honored to be elected as your Executive Vice President. In 2010 I was re-elected as Executive Vice President for what will be my 4th consecutive term.

Besides many other constitutionally imposed duties of the Executive Vice President, one of my most important is serving as Chief Steward to all APWU represented crafts. As Chief Steward, I have enjoyed working with all the crafts and learning the diverse contractual elements that can alternately affect and protect our crafts. Although maintaining up to date contractual knowledge in all crafts can be very challenging it is rewarding as well. It has been especially gratifying to share this knowledge by instructing basic steward training as well as Step 2 training.

Serving as a liaison for all Crafts and our General Officers has also given me responsibility and opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the Union. In the Grievance procedure my experience is across the entire spectrum from Step 1 all the way to serving as Technical Advisor in many Arbitration proceedings. Experience in offices large and small as well as all crafts has enabled me to gain valuable insight into one of the most critical aspects of our representative duties which is the art of Arbitration! With this knowledge and experience it is my hope that I will have the opportunity of continued service to our union and the honor to represent our great membership in whatever capacity entrusted to me!

I can normally be reached at the Minneapolis P&DC between 6:00 AM and 2:30 PM at 612-338-6225.

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