Political Action Page

Political Action Page

Stop Staples! By now I'm sure everybody has heard that the USPS has opened Retail outlets in Staples Stores accross the country staffed by low-wage, non-union, non-USPS employees. There have been and will continue to be protests accross the country in addition to these protests here are some things we can do: Visit Stop Staples and sign the petition to send Staples a Message. Visit the Staples page on the National website often to keep up with the latest information on this fight and click here to listen to a radio interview of APWU Eastern Regional Coordinator Mike Gallagher about the Staples situation. The audio may take a few minutes to load but it is definately worth the time.

Take Action Today! Your Job May Depend On It!

From the Minneapolis Area Local Legislative Committee.

Welcome to the Minneapolis Area Local's Political Action Page! This page and the links provided are devoted to Political Actions, Legislation, and any other venue that has the power to affect the lives of Postal Workers, their Families, and the American public who we are honored to serve!

This page will evolve with each Legislative Priority of your Union! Come back often!

If you find information through this page that is relevant to you and your family, tell them! Tell your friends, and communicate, communicate, communicate! Our goal is to provide you with factual information that has been provided by sources that are verifiable, truthful, and honest! If you are willing to look deeper than the surface of proposed legislative actions you will be able to negate the ability of spin doctors who can convince you that harmful actions that are really only good for a chosen few are good for you too! We will provide you with the places to look and let you make your own conclusions!

We believe that if this is done, we will expose the truth! We feel if the truth is exposed that the majority of working class people will agree, we need to stick together, and we need to be heard loud and clear! Legislators are elected to serve us, not us to serve them; if they fail to get that message we will not let them fool us again!

The Minneapolis Area Local legislative Committee.

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